Here’s part one of this poem that I recently converted to a song while I learn how to play the guitar. I have a channel by the same name, so if you like, please subscribe!


last night i was abducted by some aliens and we partied

with trans-dimensional booze, which they ingested through their

rear-end fissures, for they did everything the opposite of humans –

they spoke in melodious auto-corrected farts,

walked backwards and shat before they ate

they devoted themselves to a lifelong pursuit of

despair and loneliness.

Their delicious transdimensional drinks were secret oral laxatives

designed to probe the anus of my spirit – my mouth.


So what makes humans love each other?

Fear – we fear being alone, unloved, un-understood, unrealized,

we fear rolling into oblivion like a rock into an unending well –

no splash, no echo, no one to witness.

“Chill, chill ho” they said,

Ho, short for “human-bro” is what they called me.


“We have a plague back home” they screamed –

a plague of happiness and contentment:

we are spontaneously turning into stones – while driving, while sleeping

and even while fucking.


in my trans-dimensional drunkenness, i offered them the

zero-one commandment of despair,

designed to deliver them from all good.


Tune in next week  for trans-dimensional booze – part 2, to find out what happens after this!

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