you, who have been

happy often, walk from A

to B by the shortest route possible,

but the sad man’s walk,

much like the drunkard’s,

except consciously, is

staggered to delay as much

the inevitability of company.


you who are often happy,

smile and laugh with elegance,

but the sad man’s laugh

is wild, loud and coarse

perhaps because it means a

lot more to him.


you who are often happy, cry

silently and are yet consoled,

but the sad man’s grief

lives with him. inconsolable.

it becomes a badge of smile

upon his lips.


you who are often happy, are

beautiful and radiate joy,

but the sad man feels the pain

of the gravel he steps on,

and consoles the weeping skies.

the sad man sees it all.


fear not the sad man

when he walks into your life

for if happiness were the wine

that quenches your soul,

the sad man is the cork that

keeps it all together.


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