pain kills, and

betrayal hurts. grief

knocks down your door and

rips your heart while

fear devours your blood.

Shame sends you to a corner

and loneliness makes you

invisible, so you can rot and

die without anyone knowing –

but yet, none of them are

the worst.


The worst is hope that

doesn’t kill you – but keeps you

alive, so you can

be almost dead all the time.


The worst is hope for it

lifts your spirit and

then plunges it to depths

unknown, and repeats.


The worst is hope for it

dissolves your soul ,

burns your self-esteem and

reduces you to an almost non – being.


The worst is hope for

it keeps you hanging,

and choking, puking,

and shitting.


The worst is hope ,

but yet in the brief moment

it fills you up,

it does so,


and you

are your

true self.


And that, I think

is an almost

fair deal.


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