We all want to be

scared of nothing.

But, it is “nothing”

that scares the shit out of us.


We fill our lives with things

and sights and sounds

and thoughts we don’t even need,

just so we can run away from nothing.


We all want to be deprived

of nothing,

when the only thing we truly own

in this life, is it’s nothingness.


So, instead of subtracting

from what we have,

we add layers until we no longer

remember who we are


We fear most, ending up

being nothing,

when that in fact, is the most difficult thing

to be, and perhaps the most satisfying too.


So, instead of loosing ourselves

and blending with the fabric of the Universe,

we label and get labelled,

stand out, perish and die.


Sitting alone on the bed at night,

its not the ghosts or demons that scare us

most, but our own thoughts,

and us.


What does that tell us

about ourselves ?

nothing much,

I guess.


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