We all share 99.5% in our genes

and then, we share a half percent

in our hatred for

each other, and our intolerance

for whose imaginary puppeteer

puts up a better show.


Indeed, we are all the same.


Every person you despise

is a part of you, you dislike

and, every weakness you ridicule

is a shame of you, you hide.


We were born away from

each other, so we could learn

new things and then share –

but all we learnt was

how to hate,

and now, that’s all we share.


As countries, as religions

as languages, as ethnicity

as genders,

as, as many classifications

you can classify similar things into,

it is hatred for others

that brings us together, that binds us

and that promises to protect us.


Indeed, we are all the same

and yet,

our hatred is based on

how we are not.


Isn’t that,

a bit odd ?


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