it is disheartening when people

do not put effort in their lies.

making up a lie is like writing a story,

you start with a draft in your mind,

sleep over it, collect the residues,

and edit, edit and edit some more

until you have a shining piece that is better

than the truth itself.


when you lie to me, it is like

a puzzle that comes with a thought cap-

if I cannot figure it out after a certain

number of them, I accept it.

But if I figure it out,

it does not hurt me,

it simply disappoints me.


lying takes effort, and if you

are lazy, you should stick to the truth.

lies should be like shooting stars –

you don’t want to use them

all the time !

But when you do deliver one,

it should feel like a

warm shit that actually

leaves you feeling hungry.


make your lies big, make them complete,

make them coherent, make them fantastic

and you will go places.

look around you and see how it seems

power is proportional to the

ludicrosity of the lie.

Just look at the person who now rules

over the fate of three hundred million people.


lying is an art, and give it

it’s due.

this is part confession and part

expectation setting.

Of course I do not lie !

even my lie is a truth.


to me.


and that

is the first step !


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