he jumped in front of

the speeding car

and saved the little kid –


“you are a superhero”

said the kid.

“yes”, he replied:


to hate one self is

a super power

that comes with great responsibility.


you hone this power in secrecy and

solitude and the magic of its working

is kept even from your own self.


but like all beautiful things

it is incomplete in the

ones who suffer –


for the ones with perfect hatred

make peace with

their non-existence


and us who remain, are

left collecting trinkets and

building sand castles


for the lifetime of one wave.

Practice, practice, practice

makes perfect it is said


and you carry on perfecting

the design for your grand

castle in rock and clay, forgetting


you are stranded on an island

with nothing but

sand and time


passing beyond the

grasp of your

mind and fingers.


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