“Go on

ruin my day –

remind me of all that I am not

and all that I could have”

I am done pleading you

I am done fighting you

I am done bargaining with you.


you drag me to the depths today-

that is alright.

tomorrow is mine

and i will bear you to the summit like a

sherpa bearing someone else’s load

and i will level you

eye to eye


you know – two can play this

game of tug of war

and i am done trying to

be nice

and wishing for one perfect week

one perfect month and one perfect year.

i will snatch perfection


from under your nose

one second at a time.

and yes – you are

here to stay, I hear you.

But this domestic strife

will reach a crescendo

I promise you –


and we will

both lament

or praise

what will





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