“is this it?

is this the edge of our world?”

asked the sailor.

“Can we turn back now to travel

the same path again?”

“The road that is worn out such

that our worn out shoes

fit snugly in it?”


“yes” said the captain. “we will once

again face the tides of heart with

reason and the storms of mind with

madness, for we never learn that

the sun and the moon are always

there: together.”


“seeing only one at a time,

we make ourselves believe there

exists only one at a time:

but we never learn, do we?”


“and that is why we will

come back again and again

to the edge of our world,

until one last time we fall

into the abyss of silence.”


“Aye Captain! That would be glorious”


“You fools! You fools !

You Goddamn fools!”