There is no doodle with this one because it is gone – I lost it while writing, and though I may feel that I must have it back, I cannot.


I must have what is gone

says the leaf.

The drop that just rolled

off me

was burden



and now it is

the quencher of my thirst.


The wind that made me

shiver in winter

is what I

want most in summer

and the heat I

now so despise

will be welcome,

come winter.


The words I speak

today, are but

random strings

desperately trying to make sense.

Yet, come tomorrow, I will

rue my failure

at telling someone

“I love you”.


The life I live today

is a tangled

mess of ideas and dreams

and plans discarded.

Yet, come tomorrow and I will

look from a distance –

  enjoy the montage

like a you would  a Monet.


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