At the pet store

down in Bangor,

a dozen parakeets,

born and brought up in captivity

were singing their songs,

and a little kid asked

his mum what they

were saying.

“I don’t know honey”

she said, “but I like it.”


In one corner of the same

shop, was an older

parakeet, who had once been

a bird.

No one bought it,

no one liked it,

no one,

but this little kid.

“I like that one, I like his song Mommy”

“That’s an old bird dear, let’s leave –

we will come back later “


How unfortunate it is,

that we often resonate with

the songs of captives who

have never known freedom –

but shun the beautiful

sounds of yearning –

of what it feels like to be alive !

Perhaps, it is because

we are reminded

with every note of the song,

that though we know exactly how to,

we choose not to be free !


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