There is a VW bus parked next to my house,

teal green, and,

adorned with flower graffiti.

it reminds me of “into the wild”.

it looks pretty,

from outside.

but I am scared to go near it –

i think it is full of mangled remains

of the corpses of little kids –

popped eyes strewn across the floor and

frozen tongues, sticking out in mockery ;

or perhaps in a last attempt to

say something beautiful.


I have never seen the bus move,

but I have seen that it has been moved –

parked this way or the other,

perhaps they dump the rotten bodies


and acquire new ones.

i wonder if the bus belongs

to a grave – digger

or, to a murderer.


I think they only take kids

that ask too many questions –

it seems to be a common destiny

for people in quest of truth, to die

from hatred, or ignorance.


As the cliche goes

“curiosity killed the cat”

But, tell me one thing –

how many dead cats have you seen,

and how many

dead lambs ?


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