All this talk of dreams and purposes,

destinies and magic –

all of it is shit. Tell me where B is and

I will find my way. Why should I worry about

C and D and Z and perhaps even other scripts.


I could have just marched on the road like a pig

why did you have to stop me and

show me the sky and the stars ?


I could have just been another cog in the machine,

with nothing but survival to worry about, why did you

have to show me how to think and dream ?


I was happy in my ignorance, why did

you have to open my mind to

realities that come with their sufferings ?


I was headed for a secure life, why

did you have to point me to adventures and

show me how to loose my inhibitions ?


I was headed for my grave with an empty

mind and an empty life. Why did you have to fill it with dreams

that will remain unfulfilled and a life I will never be satisfied with ?


I was headed for a perfect nothingness

of being – Why did you have

to give my life a purpose ?


Why ?

Why ?

Nothing is the same anymore,

everything is heightened and colorful –

the sadness breaks my heart now

and the ecstasy makes me fly –

We are not born to fly –

I will fall eventually and break

my bones, recover slowly, painfully –

and prepare for the next fall.


I was a happy floating corpse,

Why did you have to give me life ?

Why ?



Thank you.


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