the depressed seedling did not want

to live, or grow, or become what he

was destined to be.

“I don’t want to see the sun,

or feel the wind, or touch the sky.”

So he dug deeper and deeper –


where the air would escape him

and the worms would consume him

days and months went by and

there was no rock bottom to be found.

The worms ignored him, and the

Earth, giving up, made way.


outside, his friends reminisced him

but not enough to not enjoy,

“Pity the fool that went the other way”,

they said, as they admired their

strong sinewy arms

and wind blown hair.


tired, the seedling looked up

surprised at the miles and miles

of bulging roots, strength acquired

by the pursuit of weakness.

life fulfilled by the passionate

quest for death.


Today, he stands tall and wise

the largest among them all –

sprawling kids of his own

and numerous others –

giving life, giving joy –

but a single tear runs down his face –

“All I wanted was to die.”


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