five parrots fly by my window

and soon look like

flies on diamond head.


sun sketches an arc

before sliding in-between the

concrete bars and melting away.


five minutes of rain, and

five minutes of sunshine

just like life.


while the rainbow in the sky

mocks me here, I wonder

what is the rainbow of life?


if isolation is strength

this must be the mightiest

land on Earth.


for the air here heals

and the water too

and the smiles even more.


i am not the happiest here, and

life is not like riding

the clouds,


but I feel part of something

old, something wrinkled,

something that smells


like grandma’s house

and tastes like cauliflower curry

and rice boiled in milk.


and that makes me

hungry for more: and I

wake up



and again.


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