fuck it: let’s dance:

five syllables to

make it or break it.


I have been gone from here for almost eight months now – i did not forget about this space, i was just scared to get back in only to leave again. Like a seed casually thrown out of a moving train grows into an unplanned tree in the forest, somewhere along my existence I was impinged with the idea that I do not finish what I start – or do not persevere. Factually, the truth is quite far from it. But you know what they say about the voice in your head – “Listen. Don’t react. Observe. Don’t judge.”

Anyways, the past eight months has been a roller coaster ride with my physical, mental and emotional state being flung all over the place. However, in all its chaotic movements, creating, writing ,and reflecting has been the anchor that I have, sometimes reluctantly and sometimes excitedly, run off to.

Am I scared if I can consistently put stuff here? Am I scared that this is just an ambitious outburst that will fizz out? Yes – to both those questions. I am terrified. But I remind myself that I do not have all the time in the world to wait for things to be “perfect” or “good enough”. Existence isn’t eternal so I am just gonna say fuck it and dance on!

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