Historically I have been torn between the promising bliss of satisfaction and the promising ecstasy of achievement. Doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Granted, it get’s me nowhere (but really where are we all going, anyways?) and leaves me neither satisfied nor feeling accomplished. But guess what – I did what I wanted to most do at the moment that I did them.

Having hopes and dreams means accepting the possibility that they may never happen and the possibility that they may happen. It does not mean that where you are now is worthless. I have always been trying to ‘get’ somewhere, hoping to find something – but I never found it. It does not mean that I stop moving or that I can never ‘get’ somewhere. It just means that I need to change my focus from ‘get’ to ‘getting’ – to enjoy (which does not mean being happy – it means to accept every emotion for what it is) the process of ‘getting’.

And so I will go on.


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