my awkwardness cost me 4 cups of coffee

and 30 minutes of shitting jet streams of nothingness.

throw in a bunch of strangers in a room

and you get a circus for free

or a solar system – what’s the difference anyways ?

clumps, here and there

loosely bound by likes and dislikes,

a few beaming faces and burning ideas –

and singularities, observing the motion

while they sip on coffee

and pondering the same things that

they could have at home –

1100 miles changes nothing because

you are still 0 miles from yourself.


Lunch was a punishment too –

thrown into a room full of faces stuffing themselves

it was either coalesce or die.

Never had food smelled so good

yet tasted so bitter.


Bitterness is sometimes good though –

bitterness is sometimes necessary –

just so we can taste all that

which is not bitter.


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